Public Procurement

Strategy & Analysis


Actionable Insights

We supplement traditional market research techniques with advanced analytics and subject matter expertise to help you develop an information advantage, increasing your probability of winning contracts in the US federal and state markets.

 We Go Deeper

Our focus is exclusively the US federal and state markets. By cutting through the noise and systematically leveraging open source data, we help business development and strategy teams grow their portfolios in existing and adjacent markets.  We achieve this by building on-demand data pipelines and leveraging advanced data analytics to actively generate insights with precision.  

By delivering timely and actionable insights, we allow our clients to develop an information advantage for strategic growth. 

Industries we cover

Defense & Aerospace

Emerging Technologies


IT software & hardware


supplies & services

Delivering insights by leveraging data science coupled with deep domain expertise.

Market Research

We work with companies to define their addressable markets based on customer purchasing trends, methods, and priorities. 

Adjacent Markets

We help companies discover and pursue additional markets for their existing products or services, with both federal and state agencies.

Competitive Intel

We perform in-depth open source competitive intel by leveraging our in-house data science solution to flag insights with immediate value.

Emerging Tech

We work with companies in the AI/ML and quantum computing space to identify customers, agency priorities, and risk appetite for selected emerging technologies.

Risk Analysis

We help identify potential transaction risks through data before they become an issue.

Supply Chain

We help uncover risks and opportunities within supply chains by graphing data on suppliers, subcontractors, and teaming partners.

M&A Due Diligence

We leverage open source data to perform buy-side due diligence and pre-screening of targets.

Data Reporting

We helped build and We can guide you through these platforms and the reporting requirements under the DATA Act and FFATA.

Not a traditional US federal contractor?

Foreign company with a great product or service?

No Problem.


We want to eliminate the information asymmetry and level the playing field for new market entrants through data.

Innovation can come from anywhere.  Government customers and traditional contractors can benefit from developing relationships with driven and  agile companies from commercial markets, local and abroad.

About Us

Our Team

We are a diverse team of data analysts, researchers, and software developers with a passion for simplicity and an obsession with providing actionable information.

Our Clients

Our clients include traditional and non-traditional Government contractors, private equity firms, independent consultants, and trade associations.

Our Process

For every client engagement, we work iteratively, bringing forward the most relevant information. We aim to build trust and ensure that our work product stands out now and in the future.

Federal Consult is tackling the US federal and state procurement community’s most pressing market and strategic research challenges through data and subject matter expertise. Based out of Washington, D.C.